You know your Family. We know Caregivers.
Together, we will find the Right Match.

We will provide all the support you need:

At Home With Care has been helping families find homecare solutions that meet their unique needs.
Here is what is included in our one time service fee:

Replacement Caregivers

No worries if your needs change. We will provide caregiver replacement at no additional cost.

Back-up Caregivers

Access to backup care and emergency care, as needed.

Payroll Set Up

We will set up payroll for you (included in the rate) for payroll compliance and tax management.

Geriatric Care Management*

We will connect you to a local Geriatric Care Manager.

*Why partnering with a Geriatric Care Manager is so important:

They handle the following tasks:

• Conduct care-planning assessments to identify problems, and need for services.

• Coordinate and monitor senior services, such as home care.

• Act as a liaison to families at a distance.

• Offer counseling, support, and advocacy.

• Provide information, referral, and placement.

• Offer crisis intervention and care management services.